Sunday, December 18, 2011


Well... true to history, my relationship with my girlfriend is falling spectacularly to pieces.  Jen and I make the best of friends, but the last four months have proven us the worst of lovers.  We're on a "time out", and she's going to let me know if she still wants to be in a romance relationship after the holidays.  Call me crazy, but I sense a big fat 'no' on the horizon.

We hung out the other night, and it was just like old times: two friends bullshitting, having many good laughs, and cracking dirty jokes like when we were in the bakery.  She was as beautiful as ever, and I was dying to simply hold her hand, but I'm pretty sure that ship has sailed.

So here I sit in loverly limbo.  Cupid's purgatory; neither here nor there.  "In a Relationship", but lonely as all get out, and with no recourse to alleviate the loneliness but to brew a pot of coffee, surf the web for things that make me laugh, and wait patiently...


In the mean time, today the late afternoon sunlight was streaming in through my front studio room's windows, and cast a nice silhouette of my flash, stand, and umbrella onto the room divider:

There's been a slight uptick in photo gigs lately, and it's feeling pretty good to knock the rust off the ol' trigger finger. Did a great couple's shoot yesterday.


So now it's Sunday, 6pm, and I haven't done a damn thing productive today.  Now THAT'S my kinda day. :-)


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