Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Dark Haired Girl said to me the other day after her teenage daughter had gotten in trouble at school, something to the tune of "Won't it be nice when we're, like, 50, and don't have to worry about kids?" I replied, "I'm still looking forward to it." She said "Oh, I keep forgetting."

Sunday, watching the Super Bowl, she said to me that she'd told her mom about our conversation. Her mom told her "You leave that boy alone and let him find a girl who'll give him a family!" We both chuckled.


It rained buckets all yesterday and last night. We're under a flood warning, and I'm going to head out with the camera to shoot the river here through town. Photos to come, maybe. I may don the mud boots and visit some other spots, but my Canon Rebel XT isn't sealed like the pro model Canons, and it's still raining off and on.


I went out last night with Ruben (Zen master and all-around swell guy) to a newly opened bar/grill/pool hall, M's. It borders our neighborhood, and is actually within a pleasant walk's distance, weather permitting... which it wasn't, this being Troy, Ohio in early February.

To make a long story short, it was a mostly uneventful night with nothing but college basketball on the hi-def screens, and a karaoke DJ whose song book was bursting at the seams with country tunes. Ruben had called some friends to meet us, and upon their arrival, immediately it became obvious he was trying to hook me up. His friend's friend was relatively pretty with a nice chubby figure in a tight blue tee shirt. Call me crazy, but I think she even tried a flirt or two. I was polite, not ignoring her or brushing her off or anything. I simply haven't the slightest inclination to pursue anybody.

I'm still far too stuck on Dark Haired Girl. There, inevitably, will be a time to move on, but now... it just isn't that time.


Blogger Heidi said...

I will take inches of rain over inches of snow any day! Although, last night I would have sworn a tornado was ready to suck me up and away! The wind was awful!

Oh, wanted to add too.....kids absolutely change your life. The way you look at things, think about things, and do things. But they are a joy you can't possibly imagine until you have your own! Then again, some days I do wanna pull my hair out! {grin}

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