Friday, February 08, 2008

Angels, Devils, and the "Holy BIBIE"

Thanks for the comments, guys! Well, I did hear back from the highway patrol. Governor Strickland has ordered a hiring freeze. No heartbreak on my part. It's not that I didn't get the job... nobody got it. I feel sorry for the guy who runs the photographic services unit. Poor guy has a labor need in his office, and now can't fill it. C'est la vie, I guess.

In the mean time, I'm still sitting on an $1100 nest egg (no longer required for a move to Columbus) that the miniature Andy angel on my right shoulder is telling me to sit on, but the Mini Devil Me on my left shoulder is tempting me to spend on camera gear.


I was at the Town & Country shopping center in Kettering, specifically at Books & Co. in search of a decent photo magazine and cup of coffee at the attached shop, Joe Muggs. Upon exiting, a van had parked next to my car. It had window paint all over both sides and back, and the luggage rack on the roof was strewn with Christmas garland, candy canes, and plastic tree ornaments. I'd accidentally left my camera in black and white jpeg mode from a previous job I'd shot, but I kind of like it. Since the parking was tight, I had to stitch together two wide angle pics to show you what was written on the side of the van.

Can anybody figure out what on Earth the point is that this person is trying to make? The best I can figure is that it is somehow anti-Italian, given the word "WOP", and I'm guessing that "Sicely" is a misspelling of "Sicily".

How the "Holy BIBIE" is "TottaLy Sicely" is beyond me.

I was honestly hoping that I would draw the attention of the owner by hovering around their vehicle taking photos, but no such luck. I would have loved the opportunity to pick this person's brain. Without any fair input from their side, I'll just chalk it up to another psycho religious nutjob.


Anonymous Mistress Skatha said...

Ah, calls to mind images of the truck we saw in Witchita Falls with the painted manequin head and the antlers. Scary stuff, reminds me why I live near a major city. Great pics, love the correct use of the English language on the van. Only in the Bible Belt would one see the religious zealots hard at work proving there one self reightousness and hating those who are not...LOL.

3:02 PM  
Anonymous divacowgirl said...

At my former job there was a guy who kept adding "bling" to his car, EVERYWHERE. I regret not snapping a quick pic with my camera because it's impossible to describe.
As for your comment. Perhaps you're right. Part of the reason I put off being with hubby was because he treated me so well and I truly felt I didn't deserve it because of what happened with my first marriage.

10:17 PM  

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