Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cleveland was interesting. I found the coolest apartment I'll ever find in my entire life... way too far away, and in a shady end of town. Have you seen the movie "American Splendor"? It was that neighborhood. The apartment I looked at was above a furniture store owned buy a guy about my age. He was renovating the apartment from top to bottom with new and uber-snazzy lighting and ceiling fans. Full size front loading washer and dryer. New granite countertops, exposed brick walls, and a back door that opened to the rooftop patio with tables and chairs. Seriously, it looked like something out of a movie.

I was walking around the neighborhood a bit tuesday, and I must say it was very vibrant and diverse. Blacks, Whites, Latinos... all just intermingling. I went up to a hot dog vendor and mentioned I was looking at an apartment at Lorain and 47th. He said "Dude, are you fucking kidding me?? No fucking way!" I trust his judgement.

That, and the lady walking around vomiting randomly was a nice touch.

Well, ok... a 40-minute commute both ways with gas at $4 a gallon on an entry-level wage? When I told New Bossman about it, he shook his head and said "No. You don't want to live there for so many reasons." After filling out all the new hire paperwork and reading the online employee handbook, we got in his car and drove around for an hour or so looking for apartments. There's a complex down the street from the studio with 1-bedrooms for $490/month. I guess if I was looking to pay $450 for an apartment 40 minutes away, the gas I'd save on one 5 minutes away would be more than $40 monthly. So I'd be paying less.

Oh, and I'm now a bona-fide employee. ID# 673. :-)


Naturally, I took some pictures while I was there:

At Edgewater Park. Camera sitting on a big bumpy rock. I'd just called Dark Haired girl, all giddy from the spectacle of Lake Erie and the downtown skyline.

Bruiser. Yes, that's his real name.

In my motel room.


The drive home was pleasant... and I damn near made the round trip on one tank. A few extra dollars at the Flying J truck stop and I was good to go. You have no idea how comforting it was to come within range of my beloved WYSO and hear familiar voices and traffic reports for Dayton roadways. Two freakin days and I got so homesick. It'll be different when I have an apartment to call home (I hope).

The route there and back takes me through Urbana, so I stopped and sat outside with Dad for a while, and relayed the events to him. It was good to see him again, even though I'd just seen him last friday when he came into Troy and we had lunch. Pretty soon I won't be seeing him but once or twice a year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DJ said the same thing after we talked to you Monday night (that you sounded lonely). It will get better I promise, and what great things you have to look forward to! This is a big step for you, but we are here if you meed us, and you have Michelle and D you can always call when you are lonely too. I know you will be fine I am so happy for you. Your pics are cool as usual!!! Big Hugs, we miss seeing you. See you have to come to Philly now, so we can all hang out :D

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