Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have just propositioned the Einstein Bros. Bagels company to open a location in this market with the following epistle:

I first got hooked on your restaurant when I was stationed at Whiteman AFB in Missouri, and frequented your Blue Springs location. Years later, I moved to Parma Heights in Ohio, and imagine my relief to see a location just down Pearl Rd. from me! Heaven! It was like re-connecting with a dear old friend. Job market being what it is, I'm now living just north of Dayton, Ohio, and I am SERIOUSLY jonesing for some Einstein Bros.! I'm having to substitute with Panera, and frankly, I really don't like their food. It's like eating Taco Bell when what I want is Chipotle. Please open up a location somewhere (anywhere!) in Dayton... heck, here in Troy. We're a charming little town that's managed to keep growing and prospering through this tough time. A location here would make a killing! Please consider. If I have to choke down another ridiculously overpriced Panera bagel, I'm going to scream, and I'm pretty sure they frown upon such behavior.

Yours in Cream Cheese,
Andy Hutchinson

Monday, February 01, 2010

Not a whole lot has been happening. Still on a continuing low-grade bummer trip from Dad, but nothing without relative ease I can't deal. Just hanging in there, taking far fewer pics than I should be, and in general am just surviving day-to-day. I did shoot a senior a week or two ago, and designed her the following composites:

I also decided to create the following comic strip after hearing countless comments concerning how the inclusion or lack of glitter in the cosmetics of movie vampires somehow affects the credibility of their authenticity. I dunno, but I figure the fact that vampires don't exist AT ALL kind of negates all that, but anyway, here's a good one for all you vampire movie fans, past and present:

I got a camera phone! Like I need another camera... but now I can snap shots where I normally couldn't. Here's a few from my little corner of the bakery:

And this is at Toni's Cuppa Joe, my favorite little coffee shop on earth, hanging out with Shaggy and his Chica.


So Rush criticized the Obama Administration's response to Haiti as just an attempt to gain black voters. If Rush had even a half-ounce of courage in his convictions, he'd grow a pair and run for office instead of cowering in his studio sucking on his E-I-B golden dildo. Oh, no... then he'd actually be responsible for his actions instead of shoveling coin in his pocket from sponsors.

Now, I'm all for free speech. I don't want any of these conservative talk entertainers to quit what they're doing. That's capitalism, and it's a hugely profitable and lucrative business. Yay for them. It's just wrong when they start getting up their own asses and start trying to influence outcomes in the political process. That's what congress is for.

I just think it's sorry and pathetic that I can pinpoint with 100% accuracy what mood a particular radio fan I know of will be in before I see him, based solely on how loud Rush and/or Hannity are shouting that particular day.

But now I'm ranting just as bad as they. I'll stop now. :-)